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C4A Firearms is a family-owned brand. We support American made products and International partners who have shown to be supportive of our nation. It is through this type of partnership that we collectively benefit, as individuals, a community, a nation, and as a world. Our hope is that with each product we sell we can contribute in a positive way to an individual’s life.

We price our products fairly, competitively, and with no surprises. That’s why our pricing model in most cases is all inclusive, so what you see is what you pay. For items that may be subject to additional shipping costs, we pass along only the cost of shipping without any additional mark up.

We believe that all Americans have the right to legally own guns until they demonstrate otherwise. The second amendment provides us this right and should be defended as rigorously today as when it was first drafted. We believe it is the duty of all Americans to act responsibly and be prepared to defend themselves if the need arises, and we seek to provide the best quality product for our customers to this end.

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